Bibliography: Latin Language and Literature

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Latin Language and Literature; Latin Authors

Bibliographia Latina Selecta
M. van der Poel, Classics, Nijmegen
Last updated 2010/2011.
This is the index page for an extensive scholarly bibliography covering most topics in latin language and literature.  It is based on the out-of-print Short Bibliography of the Latin Language and Literature (4th ed., van der Poel 1996), but comprehensively updated. Most latin authors from the archaic period through the 5th century CE have individual pages (ordered both alphabetically and chronologically), and there are numerous pages covering language, genres, meter, law, and more. Each page includes sections on bibliographies, editions, indices, and scholarly monographs, in all languages; much secondary literature is not covered.  The interface is in latin.

In addition to linking to the main page in Zotero and the Wiki, I will be linking to the individual sub-pages. This may take a while!

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