Content that was hosted at this page has been moved to the Ancient World Open Bibliographies Wiki page for collection of existing scholarly bibliographies (under construction – forgive any loose ends!)

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  2. Sarah Bolmarcich says:

    Law – Ancient Greece:

    NOMOI: Bibliography on Ancient Greek Law

    Maintained by David C. Mirhady, Iliad Arnaoutoglou, and Mark J Sundahl. Also includes a list of Web resources and a glossary of Athenian legal terms. Last full update: Spring 2007.

  3. Sarah Bolmarcich says:

    Classical Greece – Literature – Thucydides (author)

    Maintained bu Lowell Edmunds of Rutgers University. Not updated since 2001, but has a good breakdown of types of resources on Thucydides and is pretty comprehensive up to 2001.

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  7. Chris says:

    The Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies is out of date (but we are working on an interactive database to up date it!) but the bibliography is available here:

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