Latin Authors Bibliography Page: 62+ Authors!

I have now finished adding links to author pages at the Bibliographica Latina Selecta online to the AWOB Wiki’s Latin Authors page.  There are now bibliographies available for 62 latin authors, from Ammianus Marcellinus to Vitruvius, plus another 7 unattributed or disputed texts.  There is at least one bibliography linked for each author listed, and for several of the major and most commonly taught authors there are multiple open-access online bibliographies to choose from (i.e. Cicero, OvidVirgil.)

There is a Greek Authors page now too.  It is not nearly as well-populated yet – there are several major authors completely absent! – but it will be growing.  If you know a good online bibliography about a greek or latin author, or want to create one for this project, do let me know!

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