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AWOB One-Year Report

After I wrote my Open Access Week post at my original blog the other day, I realized I should really spend a little more time recognizing the progress of the Ancient World Open Bibliographies project over the past year. The … Continue reading

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Bibliographies: Greek Religion; Apuleius; using Zotero for Class Bibliographies

The University of Cincinnati Classics Department has started using Zotero for creating group bibliographies for graduate classes or departmental projects.  They are collected on a web page.  I am so happy to see this, and I’d like to suggest to … Continue reading

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Latin Authors Bibliography Page: 62+ Authors!

I have now finished adding links to author pages at the Bibliographica Latina Selecta online to the AWOB Wiki’s Latin Authors page.  There are now bibliographies available for 62 latin authors, from Ammianus Marcellinus to Vitruvius, plus another 7 unattributed … Continue reading

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Administrative Note on the Wiki

I grew weary of deleting Cialis (I should probably not even type that word!) spam pages from the Ancient World Open Bibliographies Wiki every day, so I have increased the level of security on the wiki, allowing only registered users … Continue reading

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Exploring Zotero

This past week I’ve set up a personal Zotero account (feel free to ‘follow’ me) and added the items listed on the Bibliographies page of this blog to it.  I’ve created a public group called Ancient World Open Bibliographies and … Continue reading

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Subject Classification

On the Bibliographies page, I have categorized the bibliographies we have been pointed to rather roughly, by broad subject categories, developed on an ad-hoc basis.  For the ultimate goal of this project, I would like to have a better articulated … Continue reading

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Is a Wiki the Right Solution?

In a comment left on the post The Beginning, Fred Limp asked: Might I suggest that your bibilography take advantage of the Zotero library structure/system. You can host these on you own system – if you don’t want to use … Continue reading

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Scope: Geographic and Chronological

I originally proposed a “Classics Annotated Bibliography Wiki” but as we discussed the idea over email, Chuck suggested we make this project cover the ancient world in general.  At Chuck’s blog AWOL – The Ancient World Online, he notes in … Continue reading

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The Beginning

In the beginning, I posted to my professional blog: Oxford Bibliographies Online: More Rant Than Review.  It included the following: So here’s my heresy – why couldn’t annotated bibliographies for subjects be written by faculty (or librarians, or even graduate students … Continue reading

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