Ancient World Open Bibliographies Now Formally Open

While my intent for this project, including the blog and the wiki, has always been to be fully open (and even crowdsourced and collaborative), I never got around to formally declaring this using a Creative Commons license.  Today that changes!

To the extent possible under law, Phoebe Acheson has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Ancient World Open Bibliographies. This work is published from: United States.

About classicslibrarian

Former PhD student in classical archaeology, now a librarian. Seeing Classics in a different way!
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2 Responses to Ancient World Open Bibliographies Now Formally Open

  1. Great! A very good choice especially considering that CC0 is widely adopted in the field of bibliographic data and metadata. Thank you.
    May I suggest that a small widget (e.g. like the ones available from the Creative Commons website) with the license is added to the blog sidebar? That would make it more prominent, and perhaps encourage others to do the same.

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