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The following has been added to the Zotero Group for Ancient World Open Bibliographies and the Ancient World Open Bibliographies Wiki.

Classical Antiquity: Mythology and Religion

LIMC-France team (a list of contributors is available at the site).
Last updated 6/29/2009 (site overall).
This is a searchable bibliographic database created “to complement the information published in the LIMC [Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae] volumes.” Citations (of articles and books, in multiple languages) about mythological and religious figures covered in the LIMC volumes are included; chronological coverage varies but seems to comprise publications after each individual volume saw print (so, post-1984, but variable by topic). The entire site is available in French, English, German, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, and Arabic interfaces.  Free registration is required. A fuller review of LIMCbiblio, LIMCicon and LIMCabrev is available at my Becoming a Classics Librarian blog.

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