Bibliographies: Greek Religion; Apuleius; using Zotero for Class Bibliographies

The University of Cincinnati Classics Department has started using Zotero for creating group bibliographies for graduate classes or departmental projects.  They are collected on a web page.  I am so happy to see this, and I’d like to suggest to those readers of this blog who teach that you consider doing the same if you are teaching a graduate class, especially a seminar.  Zotero is a fine tool for assembling a collaborative bibliography, but the same sort of thing could also be done using other bibliographic software or some other technology (even as simply as a Word document).  And, of course, if your class creates a bibliography on a topic, please consider sharing it with the Ancient World Open Bibliographies!

The following have been added to the Zotero Group for Ancient World Open Bibliographies and the Ancient World Open Bibliographies Wiki.

Greek Religion; Greek History

Religion and Power in Archaic and Classical Greece
Michael Laughy, Classics, University of Cincinnati, and graduate students
Last updated March 21, 2011.
This Zotero bibliography is divided into sections titled Archaic Tyrants; Athenian Tribute Lists; Empire, Festivals, and the Athenian Acropolis; Religion, Power, and Women; and Sacred Calendars.  It includes both monographs and articles, largely in English, and is heavily tagged by specific topic.

Latin Authors

Eleanor Rust, Classics, Department of Cincinnati, and graduate students
Last updated February 16, 2011.
This collaborative bibliography in Zotero was designed to supplement “A Survey of Scholarship on Apuleius 1971-1998” edited by Carl Schlam and Ellen D Finkelpearl (Lustrum 42, Gottingen, 2001).  It includes subsections Apologia; Apuleius’ Philosophical Works; Favorinus; Florida; Literary Culture of the High Empire; Metamorphoses; Pliny The Elder; and Reception of Apuleius’ Works.  It includes editions, monographs, and articles, largely in English, and is heavily tagged by specific topic.

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