Bibliographies: Sophocles

The following have been added to the Zotero Group for Ancient World Open Bibliographies and the Ancient World Open Bibliographies Wiki.

Greek Authors

Sophocles: Select Bibliography
Ann Raia, Dept. of Modern and Classical Languages, College of New Rochelle
No last update date; latest work is 2004.
This is a select bibliography of scholarly works in English, largely monographs.

Diotima: Sophocles
Diotima at
Last updated 2004.
Short select bibliography on Sophocles with reference to women and gender studies, includes monographs and articles, largely in English.

I have also seen many links to a bibliography of Sophocles by the late Eugene Cotter, but the links are no longer working and I have not been able to find a working link for this bibliography.  If any reader has it cached or downloaded I would appreciate a tip!

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