Bibliographies: Papyrology

TRISMEGISTOS An interdisciplinary portal of papyrological and epigraphical resources
dealing with Egypt and the Nile valley between roughly 800 BC and AD 800
To facilitate searching in the Trismegistos Texts database, we have created an online bibliography, TM Bib, which can be consulted to find more information about a specific publication or to find out which texts were published together in a particular book. Links with TM Texts are provided inasmuch as possible. The online Demotistische Literaturübersicht (DL) is an ongoing bibliography of all books, articles,… related to the field of Demotic Studies, and appears in regular installments in the periodical Enchoria. All publications of the Demotistische Literaturübersicht may also be found in the TM Bib, though with less information, whereas the Demotistische Literaturübersicht offers less titles, being limited to Demotic material, but with ample information. Click on the appropriate button below to continue searching.
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  1. Added to the Zotero Group for Ancient World Open Bibliographies and the Ancient World Open Bibliographies Wiki.

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