Bibliographies: Virgil

The following have been added to the Zotero Group for Ancient World Open Bibliographies.  Content formerly at the Bibliographies Page at this site is now being hosted at the Ancient World Open Bibliographies Wiki.

Latin Literature

A Bibliographic Guide to Vergil’s Aeneid
Shirley Werner, formerly Department of Classics, Rutgers.
No last update date; latest works cited are late 1990s.
This is a fairly comprehensive bibliography, divided into sections, including Ancient Scholarship, Commentaries, Editions, Patronage, and many other topics.  It includes works in all languages.

Vergil Bibliography
James O’Hara, Department of Classics, UNC
Last updated 2007 (comprehensive update 2004).
A selective and “unpolished” bibliography, with books and articles in all languages but an emphasis on English.

Virgil and Rome Bibliography
Diane Thompson, retired, Department of English, Northern Virginia Community College
Updated October 13, 2010.
Selected bibliography of works in English, part of a larger TROY web project.

New Research Tools: Bibliographies
Bibliographies by Alexander MacKay and Nicklas Holzberg, posted by the The Vergilian Society, hosted at Clark University, webmaster Philip V. Stanley (SFSU).
MacKay bibliographies published 1987-1993; Holzberg bibliographies latest is 2007.
Comphrehensive bibliographies, including all languages.

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