Bibliography: Halieis (and a note on Pleiades)

As I noted elsewhere, Pleiades, the online classical atlas, is inviting the (scholarly) public to “adopt” a classical place for Valentine’s Day.  For full details on how to do this, see the announcement by Tom Elliot at Horothesia.  I can see Pleiades becoming a good source for scholarly bibliography on classical archaeological sites around the Mediterranean as it develops – and you can contribute to the growth of this resource!  I decided to adopt the Greek city (mostly 4th century BCE) of Halieis, in the Southern Argolid.  And of course I found an already existing scholarly bibliography for the site online. The following has been added to the Bibliographies Page at this site and to the Zotero Group for Ancient World Open Bibliographies.

Greece – Archaeological Site
Halieis Bibliography
Thomas D. Boyd.
No last update date; latest publications are 2005.
A selected bibliography on the Greek archaeological site; all publications are in English.

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